• Children's Advocacy

    Provided for children who may be victim's of sexual abuse, physical abuse or who have witnessed violent crime.

    We offer a child friendly place where vulnerable victims can feel safe telling what has happened to them so their healing can begin.

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  • Educational Classes

    To enhance program outcomes the FRC has recommended the Families First program design to serve the family as a whole. Parenting classes will now be referred to as Family Life Education classes and will consist of parenting, healthy relationships, conflict resolution, soft skills, and life skills.

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  • Support Groups

     We offer a monthly support group for parents to empower them and to build confidence in their parenting skills. Also we provide domestice violence support groups once a month to help victims gain self esteem, confidence in themselves, and to let them know they are are not alone. 

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  • MDT Coordinator

    Multidisciplinary Team Coordinator facilitates monthly meetings between Children Advocacy Center's, DHS workers, law enforment, medical teams, guardian ad litems and the district attoney's office in each county to make assesments and investigate reports on child abuse.

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  • Parenting Tips

    Parenting Tips from the Family Resource Center 

    "Good Talking, Good Listening"

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  • Workshops

    We offer a varity of workshops that can be held at the center, at local churches, in the schools, or where ever we can be of service to the community. 

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  • Resource Parent Training

    We offer foster parent training through our parent education program. 

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Family Resource Center